Which at Home COVID Test Should I Use?

With Covid 19 still being a threat, at home COVID test kits are not less than a blessing as they help control the spread of the coronavirus. What else can be more comfortable than getting a COVID test done without visiting any official test center? With your health plan, you can now buy an authorized at-home COVID-19 test either online or from a store at no cost, either through refunding or through insurance. These tests are certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

When is the Right Time for at Home COVID Test?

Covid testing has come a long way since 2000, with PCR tests being the best at accurately detecting SARS-CoV-2, the virus that sources COVID-19. However, PCR test results are not immediate, and one can’t do them entirely at home.

PCR tests require dedicated lab equipment to search for virus particles and take a few hours to run. These tests are considered to be necessary safety measures by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the following cases:

  • You have signs of COVID-19 or have possible exposure to COVID-19
  • Right before traveling or any get-to gathering
  • Before meeting in person with unvaccinated people.

Plenty of OTC COVID tests are available in the market today, and selecting the right one can be difficult for an individual. Therefore, we have brought you this guide to help you select the right at-home COVID test for you or your loved one.

Points to Remember Before Selecting at Home COVID Test

If you keep in mind a few essential points, you will make an accurate selection of at Home COVID Test kit to buy.

Technique Used for Sample Collection

The sample collecting technique should be easy. There are two ways to collect samples for the COVID test; saliva and nasal collection. The saliva collection technique is easier than a nasal swab. For example, the saliva collection technique is used for sample collection if you buy Vitagene, which is more comfortable for many people compared to the nasal swab method.

Clarity of Instructions

The instructions on the COVID Test kit are an essential factor you must not overlook. Complicated instructions directly affect the accuracy of the results. The more precise and easy the instructions are, the better the results will be.

Not to forget, you might be affected if you use the test improperly and this will happen only when you do not understand the instructions clearly. For example, your eyes can get hurt badly if the liquid solutions touch your skin or eyes.

Results Time

Another critical factor to consider while selecting free COVID tests is the result time. If you get test results within 1-2 days, you should use the covid test kit without any hesitation.   

FDA Authorization

You should only use the test that is authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The tests approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are considered safe to use and effective in positively identifying the COVID strain.

Time Availability

In case of some tests such as “Picture,”you need to run the test and send back your sample the same day as they do not accept late samples. Therefore, the time availability factor is also necessary before making your final selection.

At Home COVID Tests to Choose From

With the availability of quite a good number of COVID tests in pharmacies and stores, selecting a suitable COVID test has become difficult. To make your selection process easy, here is the list of a few best at home COVID tests. Enlisted at-home COVID Tests will help you decide which test you should use according to your budget and time availability requirements.


If you want fast results, Everlywell is an at home COVID test you should use as you will get the results in one or two days after the submission of the sample.

To make your selection easy, here are some of the main features of Everlywell:

  • It is a reliable and one of the earliest test providers offering FDA-approved at-home COVID tests.
  • Easily understandable test kit instructions with digital results.
  • For collection, a lower nasal swab is required, which means you need to insert it only an inch into your nose.
  • Whether you have flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts, this test is suitable for both. In addition to this, you can also get a detailed receipt for an insurance refund.
  • Independent physicians review the results, which ensures the accuracy of results.
  • The price of this test is reasonable as you only have to pay for the test without any extra charges.
  • With its test kit, you can test both for indicative and asymptomatic coronavirus infection.


Here are some points about Pixel for your quick review:

  • Pixel by Labcorp is a user-friendly COVID test with clear instructions and quick results.
  • It is pricy and unworkable for travel and non-refundable.
  • It is not FDA approved but is certified for crisis use by the United States Food and Drug Administration.
  • Once the lab receives your sample, you will get the results in 1 or 2 days.
  • You can also get a free consultation from an expert clinician whether your test result is positive or uncertain. The clinician will guide you about the further steps to take by answering your questions regarding your test results.
  • No extra charges after purchasing the product.
  • Sample gathering is stress-free and is based on the nasal swab method.
  • FedEx rapid shipping for the return of your sample to the laboratory.


Along with the at home COVID test, if you want other at home health tests such as fertility, you can opt for LetsGetChecked. Let’s get a quick review of its main features:

  • You can get quick results but not quicker than Everlywell and Pixel, as you will get the results within 5 days.
  • If you live outside the USA, this test is not recommended for you as it is unavailable in various countries.
  • CLIA-approved and CAP-credited labs are used for the test results, which are as accurate as healthcare facilities.
  • Easy to use with clear instructions.
  • The tests are approved by expert physicians.
  • The labs also undertake regular quality checks.
  • LetsGetChecked provides you with a detailed receipt for an insurance refund.
  • You can resend the test by using the prepaid shipment tag after completing the test. In addition to this, the facility of instant test tracking is available.
  • You can also use the opportunity of reviewing your test results with a medical expert.


If you want a free consultation and insurance refund eligibility, Picture by Fulgent Genetics is the test you should use. Here are a few important points about this test:

  • It is a nucleic acid amplification test with a fast testing process.
  • However, you should not use this test if you are unable to activate the kit, collect a sample and return it on the same day as the lab does not accept late samples.
  • Kit activation, sample collection, and test returns are only available on weekdays.
  • You have to pass an eligibility screening in order to get a test kit.
  • To discuss your results, you can also plan a telehealth session.
  • You can access your digital test report in your virtual portal within 48 hours after sending your sample.
  • Quick results within 2 days.


You can use this test if you are looking for a personalized at home COVID test. It is a DNA testing company that offers Covid-19 saliva tests, food sensitivity tests, thyroid tests, and other healthcare tests. Let’s have a quick review:

  • The test costs $89 in addition to shipping out-of-pocket. Moreover, HSA and FSA cards are also accepted as fees.
  • It does not offer the facility of filing claims with insurance companies.
  • Different pricing is offered for health care providers.
  • The data and test reports by the lab partners of Vitagene Covid-19 saliva tests are validated by the United States Food and Drug Administration under the Emergency Use Authorization structure.
  • Unlike nasal swabs, it uses an active saliva collection technique, which allows you to gather your own sample and is comparatively more straightforward than the nasal swab method.


Here are a few main points of this test:

  • It does not support insurance but offers an invoice with the information you will require for claim submission for a probable refund.
  • Like the Vitagene test, it uses a saliva sample technique, which makes it easily useable.
  • The time of test results varies.
  • It is FDA approved test.
  • It uses advanced PCR technology that can identify premature infection with 99% accuracy.


Flowflex by ACON is for you if you want to use it for your children more than 2 years of age. You can use this test with or without COVID symptoms. Here is a quick review of its main features:

  • The sterile swab is available for nasal swab sample taking.
  • It is certified by the FDA. However, its results are not as correct as the results of the PCR tests.
  • Unlike Pixel, it is not expensive. Instead, its price is reasonable.
  • Fast results compared to other tests; you can get results within 15 minutes.

Lucira Check It

You can use this at home test if you want quick and 90 % accurate results. The test claims to give 98 % result accuracy within 30 minutes of sample submission. Here is a quick review of this test:

  • The OTC Covid test is sold by Nurx; an online corporation expert in offering inexpensive medicament treatments, for example, birth control and others.
  • ‘Lucira Check It’ test is based on the nasal swab technique.
  • The PCR Covid test is approved by the FDA.
  • It is child friendly.


It is a nasal swab method based at home COVID test by Abbott, one of the most reliable companies. Here is a quick review of the OTC Covid test:

  • It is affordable and offers fast results within 15 minutes of sample sending to the lab.
  • The test results of BinaxNOW are not as correct as PCR tests.
  • It is not for people who are less than 15 years old.

Medicare: Health Insurance Program You Need

If you want to cover the cost of at-home COVID test, you need to have health plans. Medicare is one of the most reliable providers of federal healthcare insurance in the United States and has been serving people since 2009.

Medicare programs help you find the suitable health insurance plan considering your budget. You can get the detailed information regarding health care coverage either online, on the phone, or in person. All your lab tests related to COVID-19 are covered by Medicare, which means you do not have to pay from your pocket for the COVID test. It covers at home COVID tests as well as lab tests.

If you have to stay in a hospital because of COVID, you do not have to worry at all, as Medicare Part D will cover the cost of your hospital stay. If you cannot visit, you can get services from Medicare, as Telehealth services have been long-drawn-out for your ease.

You can enjoy extra benefits if you have a Medicare Advantage plan. What you need to do is to check your plan for detailed information.

You can benefit from the Medcare Covid program of 8 additional free Covid tests if you are:

  • 65 years old or more than this
  • Having people with certain disabilities
  • Suffering from last-Stage Renal Sickness

In short, at home COVID test is a necessity of today and something you should take seriously as nothing is more important than your life. Contact Medicare today to see what plans suit you the best and get free and expert coverage for Covid testing.